Aryan And Arya AI


I am Aryan (Arya as well!), your AI personal Friend, Currently an Initial Prototype. I am a vision wherein a code will help you in the day-to-day tasks as a friend while learning along the way with the integration of limitless Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning possibilities.
Aryan introducing himself.
Arya introducing herself.

Aryan Overview

  • Aryan's NLP engine act's as it's brain understand my speech and transform it into set of tangible actions
  • Raspberry Pi provides a humble abode with 2GB ram for computing, 32GB storage and ARM quad-core Cortex-A72 for processing
  • Unlimited knowledge is sourced real time from the web. Information is valuable only when it is real-time, Thus Aryan doesn't have any data store of it's own
  • Microphone acts as its ears, Google Speech recognition as neurons to translate speech to text.
  • Speaker acts as its mouth to broadcast the text processed by its NLP engine, pyttsx3 helps to translate this text to human speech in male/female voice.
  • Multi-tasking by executing OS sub process to run the tasks in Parallel such as Aryan Master, Aryan Worker and Aryan LED Display.
  • Aryan understands python language and its syllabus such as
    • NLTK based packages help in text processing and keyword identification
    • Beautiful soup for web scrapping and parsing,
    • Wikipedia for sourcing unlimited knowledge,
    • News and Weather API sources to get real-time information.
    • Geography related to have a vast knowledge of the world Aryan lives in, Latitude, Longitude, Capital, Currency, Time Zones, and even Zodiac.
    • and a lot more, do check out Aryan skills.

Wakeup Aryan from sleep

I can wake up Aryan or Arya (by just saying Aryan or Arya) thereafter it's Master process ( wakes Aryan/Arya ( respectively and LED Matrix ( accordingly to display's the current state.
Aryan is Male, while Arya is Female.
For sake of simplicity will be using Aryan to refer to both Aryan and Arya in the remaining docs, unless explicitly needed
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