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Top Headlines for India?

In this global world, Being updated to the current affairs and happenings around you is of paramount importance. Aryan understand this and thus can bring top news headlines for you for a specific country.
Can you tell me Top News for today? Aryan will bring you the news headlines of the my default country i.e. India unless country name is explicitly mentioned. Aryan uses NewsApi to get the news information to provide to human.
Keyword for this Skill Invocation: "News" or "Headlines"
Aryan Shares the below Top News Headlines for India with Me as of 19th Sep 2 PM IST
  1. 1.
    Nearly 300 dengue, viral fever patients admitted to hospital in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur - DNA India" The dengue fever outbreak has taken over Uttar Pradesh after around 300 patients with viral fever, malaria, and dengue were admitted in Kanpur.'
  2. 2.
    Coronavirus: SARs-COV-2 virus is evolving, more efficient at becoming airborne, claims study - Times of India' Besides being highly contagious and transmissible, COVID-19 is also very unpredictable. The emergence of new variants, the ability to evade vaccine protection and the potential to cause long term risks are some of the factors that make it extremely concerning.'
  3. 3.
    Will do everything in power to prevent cricket being taken away from Pakistan: Wasim Akram after New Zealand pull out - Hindustan Times' Akram took to Twitter to state that cricket means a lot to the people of Pakistan and they would anything in their power to prevent it being taken away from them. | Cricket'
  4. 4.
    WHO to take a call on granting emergency use to Covaxin on 6 October - Mint' The session will thoroughly discuss the clinical data on Covaxin from phase 1, 2, 3 trials'
  5. 5.
    Imran Khan does a U-turn, after praising Taliban, he defends Joe Biden - Hindustan Times' Imran Khan defence of the President Biden comes a month after he blamed the US for expecting Pakistan to clean up the mess it leaves behind in Afghanistan | World News'

Behind the Scene

Below is the snapshot of sequence of executions happening at the backend !
In future we will expand it further to include news for specific topics, news for specific dates.
News Process Flow section provides details on Internal working and flow.
Top 10 News Headlines along with Description can also be send by Email, For that Aryan used News Process Flow to get the News and Email Execution flow to send the email.