Aryan And Arya AI

How Aryan and Arya works?

  • Once the device is On, AI Master process is in sleeping mode, waiting for the trigger word.
  • Human wakes up Aryan or Arya using the trigger words "Aryan" or "Arya" for the respective male/female AI.
  • Once AI worker process (Aryan/Arya) does the respective tasks, Master goes back into sleep, awaiting Human trigger.
  • AI Master monitor the AI worker process for entire duration of activity and can stop/terminate the AI worker based on Human's explicit request.
  • Operating System Sub Process are used to run the tasks in parallel such as AI Master, AI Worker and AI LED Display wherein AI Master is parent process, where as the other two are children's.
  • Human Speech is converted to Text using Python Speech Recognition, NLP is used to translate the speech into Text for further processing.
  • Google Speech Recognition is used for recognizing the Speech and converting it into Text.
  • Once Human speech is converted into text, the text needs to be cleaned, processed and thereafter transformed to make it suitable for further processing.
  • NLTK is used to tokenize the text, remove stop words followed by some level of Manual transformations
  • Keywords from the text are identified to take the actions on the human speech.
  • Keywords are most important part of the flow, they decide on which Functions needs to call, what parameters needs to be sent, actions needs to be performed.
  • Actions are performed using the learnt skills, Once the given set of functions/flow are triggered corresponding to the given action by Human, Aryan executes sequence of steps to generate output.
  • Some of the skills, may need further inputs from Human and is requested from Human to proceed further.
  • Speech to Text conversion is performed to communicate with Human to respond to the user queries, request for more details and provide the final output.
  • Aryan voice is set as Male, while Arya as female.

Next Step

  • Once designated action is completed, the control goes to NextStep, which request Human in case of any next set of actions and so on.
  • Else AI worker exits and AI Device goes back into sleep mode
Additional details and Process flow regarding each component is mentioned in the sub-sections.