Aryan And Arya AI

Tell me about Queen Victoria?

Aryan can help you out with all information you need, Aryan uses Wikipedia to get this information.
Aryan can help you with n number of questions, such as
  • Can you tell me about Queen Victoria?
  • Please provide details about Mumbai?
  • Do tell me about British Empire?
  • What do you know about Indian People?
Aryan get's this information first 2 phrases form Wikipedia and in case Human wants to know more, then Aryan can get another 3 phrases with the current capability.
Keyword for this Skill Invocation: When no Keyword Match is found with the listed skills, Control fallbacks to Wikipedia to get answers.
In Below Video Aryan provides the requested details about Queen Victoria, British Empire and Mumbai..
Well I am a history buff, so most of my questions would be like this, This is what makes Aryan special it is AI Friend for everyone without any Bias.

Behind the Scenes

Here's the work performed in background at terminal to get the details about Queen Victoria, British Empire and Mumbai.
Wiki Process Flow section provides details on Internal working and flow.