Aryan And Arya AI

Who is my Creator?

I am Akash Laddha, Creator of AryanAI. Aryan and Arya are my AI Personal Friend, a Initial Prototype by AryanAI.
From childhood, I always wondered that life's initial decades goes into learning what our previous generation already did, then unlearning some, then if you still have the learning potential and energy left then start pondering over what new could be created. Thus so much less time do something new!
So is there a way ? was a thought that always bothered me.
AI and ML were the buzz word I have been listening for long!, but was always occupied to learn/unlearn, settle down the usual monotonous stuff! Can't help!
After years of all the mundane work, I am now inclined towards pursing my vision of creating Aryan and Arya a AI personal friend (I use to call myself Aryan during college years, while Arya is name coined by my friend) which will have knowledge beyond human capabilities.
It will be integration of my imagination with the physical world and yes with the help of limitless possibilities that AI and ML has to offer. It will help our Human guy to be more efficient since Human days are numbered, while machine aren't.
Current Aryan and Arya are just an Initial prototype created to get the hands dirty, this is just the beginning of new learning, exploring and innovating!
Thank you for reaching so far!
Warm Regards,
​Akash Laddha​