Aryan And Arya AI

Currency of India?

Well, Currency is most important part of today's world, as it is medium for exchange of good and services. Aryan understands that too.
Thus Aryan has this skill to get currency of any country, In Future currency conversion for any date across currency will be learned by Aryan too.
Keyword for this Skill Invocation: "Currencies"
Below is text representation of the communication between Aryan and Akash
[Akash]: currency of India
[Aryan]: Currency for India is Indian Rupee and symbol is INR
[Akash]: tell me currency of Nepal
[Aryan]: Currency for Nepal is Nepalese Rupee and symbol is NPR
[Akash]: currency of Japan
[Aryan]: Currency for Japan is Yen and symbol is JPY
[Akash]: currency of Singapore
[Aryan]: Currency for Singapore is Singapore Dollar and symbol is SGD

Behind the Scenes

Below is the snapshot of sequence of executions happening at the backend !
Currency Process Flow section provides details on Internal working and flow.